Coming Soon: Sharing!

Coming Soon - Bills to Budget Sharing!

Spending Tracking and Budgets don’t happen alone - they’re most valuable when you can share them with your spouse, family or partners.

Bills to Budget will be rolling out a sharing package in the coming weeks, and is looking for interest!

It will be simple:

  • Create and edit your Bills and Budgets just like you do already.

  • Invite anyone else with the app to share a ledger - invite others will full share capability, or as read-only users

  • Now everyone can see what Bills are due, see how much is left to spend in your Budgets, and record new spending against your Budgets!

If you’re interested in joining a TestFlight (with at least one other person!) to help test, please drop your name and at least one of your Email, Mastodon handle or Twitter handle here