Become a Bills to Budget Profit Sharing Partner

Bills to Budget is rolling out a new Profit Sharing Program in partnership with If you are a Content Creator that specializes in Personal Finance and Budgeting, it may be a great opportunity to work together and monetize your work, while helping your community discover our product.

How it Works

The basics are simple, and designed to provide a seamless experience that your audience will love.

  1. Drive Traffic to a custom link

<a href=""...

2. Customers securely checkout via Stripe

3. Purchase is Redeemed within the app

4. Percentage of Profits to be shared during the following month

Percentage of any sales associated to your custom link will be distributed on the 15th of the month following the sales, minus any returns or charge-backs. Percentage share to be determined.

Have thoughts/opinions/ideas? I’d love to hear them - please send them my way!

See It In Action

Curious of the customer experience? You can see it in action by checking out the link below, and taking advantage of the offer available from our website today!

Interested? Please let us know!